The last time I checked my blog I was still in the hospital, I think it’s time for an update.

So let’s go back to August, in my last post I mentioned possibly going home and I did! I went home for a week and then ended back in the hospital because baby A’s fluids were very low. I stayed in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy, which means I was in the hospital for 105 days total, can you believe that?! 105 days I was a prisoner to a very small, uncomfortable hospital bed. Was it worth it? HECK YES! Because on October 10, 2013 at 2:32 p.m. (and 2:34 p.m.) I gave birth to TWO beautiful, healthy, very strong little girl’s. I delivered at 36 weeks and 6 days. It was the most amazing day of my life. I remember my doctor coming into my room just minutes before being whisked away and asking me, “can you believe it’s finally here?! You did it Crystal!” I started crying instantly, I actually almost had a melt down, all of my emotions from the last 105 days just came rushing over me. We started off our stay in the hospital not knowing if the girls would even make it, to being delivered one day before our scheduled c-section date.

Recovery was rough, come to find out I had severe preeclampsia! The preeclampsia didn’t surprise me one bit, I kept hinting to my doctor’s I thought I had it but no one was concerned. Finally, a day before delivery they (they meaning, my very concerned nurse) ordered a 24 hour urine test, the results were crazy high! My protein was up in the 6,000!! So not only did I have to recover from a c-section, three months on bed rest but I was also recovering from severe preeclampsia. I was one swollen pregnant before delivery and the swelling only got worse after. I could barely do anything in the hospital, my husband did all of the diaper changes, the nurses had to hold my breasts to help breastfeed the babies, I was SO weak. Yet again, I was faced with the fact that it was all out of my control. I really struggled with the fact that I was unable to change my daughter’s first few diapers, we didn’t get the snuggle time like I wished for, my body was just too weak.

We were only in the hospital for FOUR days, pretty exciting right? considering the girl’s were born three weeks early. No NICU! Thank goodness, because I don’t know how I would have functioned if I had to travel back and forth between the hospital and home.

Since being home, the girl’s have been amazing babies! The newborn stage was definitely a lot of work with twins, but we got through it. I think we handled it pretty darn well, we have kept the girls on the same schedule and we’ve managed to keep our sanity. They are now three months old and sleeping 7 to 8+ hours a night. I am exclusively pumping, my dream of exclusively breastfeeding went out the window pretty quickly but I’m ok with it. Currently I am enjoying being a stay at home mom to these two sweeties, we’re not exactly sure if I’ll be returning to work or not this summer. So in the meantime, I am soaking up every minute I get with them.





Catching up

Since I’ve been such a slacker with updating my weekly surveys, I’m just going to give you all a quick overview of the last few weeks.

* 24 weeks 1 day: I started having contractions that were fairly close together. They lasted for over an hour and a few of the contractions were hard to breathe through. I was quickly put on a 24 hour magnesium drip. The doctor checked to see if I was dilating, thankfully I was still at 1 cm dilated. The magnesium quickly kicked in and my contractions went away within an hour of being on it. I was on a higher dosage of magnesium, then the first time, and boy was I irritable! I couldn’t stand being in my bed, laying at an angle, my chest felt super heavy, I was just one big mess! Thankfully I didn’t have to deal with nausea, I don’t know what I would have done if I felt sick on top of everything.

* My monitoring schedule changed. I’m now monitored at 6am, 2pm and 10 pm.

* I take Nifedipine every four hours a day

* I’ve been upgraded to laying flat! Woohoo!! It felt so good

* I haven’t had any big contractions for over two weeks. Things have been very stable, which makes us super happy!

* Baby weights: July 19th – Evelyn 2 lbs / Lydia 1 lb 11 oz
August 2 – Evelyn 2 lbs 10 oz / Lydia 2 lbs 4 oz
Mommy’s weight: 147, I’ve gained 20 lbs so far, the doctors want to see me gain 35 lbs during the pregnancy.

* I have wheel chair privileges! I was given privileges at 26 weeks but did not take advantage of it until 27 weeks 1 day. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a perfect summer breeze.

* Josh and I attended a NICU “social”, we ate some pizza, I enjoyed a wonderful, cold, bubbly cup of diet Pepsi, and we met some other couples who were either in the prenatal unit or in NICU with their baby. It was the first time out of my room in a month.

* There’s talk about me going home at 28 weeks to be on strict bed rest.

* My in-laws bought us a crib, when my husband was ordering it at Babies R Us, the sales lady offered him a wonderful deal on a second crib! We now have two beautiful cribs set up in the nursery.

* I’m 27 weeks 2 days!!!!

This week we have big things happening, tomorrow we’re taking a NICU tour, Wednesday I’ll be taking the orange glucose drink and Friday I’ll be receiving my second round of steroids. Who knows, my next post might be written from my own, king sized bed!

Another week another survey

How far along? 24 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: Unsure, I haven’t been weighed since arriving to the hospital. The nutritionist came in 7/12 and told me she was going to have the nurses weigh me soon.

Sleep: This week my left hip and right shoulder have made sleeping pretty uncomfortable.

Best moment this week: Hitting the 24 week gestational mark on Friday 7/12 and the girls are still practice breathing πŸ™‚

Movement: Constant! Lydia was breeched during our routine fluid ultrasound on Tuesday (7/09) Yesterday she was head down, along with Evelyn. They are busy busy girls! My husband has been able to watch my stomach do waves.

Symptoms: I think it’s safe to say I’ve been experiencing some pregnancy hormones. I’m feeling pretty sensitive this week. I’ve had some lovely indigestion as well. I’ve also been experiencing some chest pain near my right shoulder. I know this is not a pregnancy symptom but it is whoever a horrible side effect brought on by laying at an angle ALL day! My chest and throat have felt like they have about 10 lbs pushing down on them, I’m hoping it doesn’t last too long.

Symptoms I DON’T have: No swelling,stretch marks, heart burn

Food cravings: The hospital has these amazing banana muffins I can’t get enough of.

Food aversions: Salty foods.

Gender: Two girl’s

Labor Signs: This week I’ve experienced some minor cramping, each time I was placed on the monitors, a little bit of irritation was picked up. My cervix has shortened to .4cm but I’ve had no other symptoms of pre-term labor.

Belly Button in or out? About to pop.

What I miss: My bed and fresh air!

What I am looking forward to: A good body massage!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Keep track of all questions asked/ answered and who said what. I’ve learned this the hard way.

Milestones: The babies received their first round of steroids on 7/09 & 7/10 and we were also put on a 12 hr magnesium drip yesterday (7/12) I’m vey thankful the only side effect I experienced was being drowsy.

Bed rest thoughts

Today marks two weeks of hospital bed rest, it’s gone by pretty quickly, surprisingly. I do have to say I’ve never experienced so many different emotions in such a short period. The first week was by far the toughest emotionally, I wasn’t prepared on not returning home after my cervical length appoointmemt. I arrived at the hospital with the clothes on my back along with a very empty purse. I felt pretty helpless that day.

When you’re told by the doctor “you’re here indefinitely”, it’s hard to really process what that truly means until you find yourself wide awake, alone, in an uncomfortable bed, with no familiar faces around. The reality of our situation kicked in in full force and I have to say I was not prepared for all the selfish emotions that took over. I was sad that I was missing out on summer, I no longer would be sleeping next to my husband, I felt cheated with this pregnancy, IVF was such a long process for us, why couldn’t we have a normal pregnancy? So many other minor things ran through my head within the first week. Maybe I had to get the “poor me” thoughts out of my head, but I finally came back to reality. I am in the hospital for our two girls, they are relying on me to stay healthy, to stay laying in trendelenburg position and to keep my spirits high and not dwell on the little things.

Knowing that our girls are growing nice and big, being SUPER active and that they have strong heart beats just makes being here worth it! I love being so connected to them, not every mom-to-be gets to see their growing babies twice a week and I’m thankful for this opportunity. I’m really trying to find the positive in every little detail.

Reaching another week was a nice goal, yesterday was my first round of steroids and today I received the second shot. Boy, did I make it out worse in my head then it actually was. I’ve heard stories about steroids, my younger sister actually screamed bloody murder when she received hers, so I was definitely fearing the worst. But when you’ve been through so many blood draws, an egg retrieval and transfer, one more shot is nothing. It definitely had a burning sensation, but thankfully it only lasts for about 2 mins (for me anyways) But now our girls have their first round of steroids, I’m so thankful we have reached this point! If the doctors were going off my IVF date, the girls would be 24 weeks today but my doctor is going off something else, so to them they’ll be 24 weeks Friday. I don’t understand why they didn’t choose to go off our IVF date but I guess it’s just a two day difference.

Our next goal is 28 weeks!!! I look forward to reaching that goal, I pray every day my cervix behaves, so far no changes and I hope it stays that way. We have another fluid check this week, it’s the one time I get to leave my bed, I enjoy those mini field trips!

This week….

How far along? 23 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Unsure, I haven’t been weighed since arriving to the hospital.

Sleep: I’m starting to get acclimated to the hospital bed. Plus, I’ve been taking ambien.

Best moment this week: Celebrating the 4th of July with my husband. My hospital room over looks our local baseball team, The Seadogs, they put on a fireworks show every year.

Movement: These girls are constantly on the move. They love to kick the monitor’s when the nurse is listening to their heart rate’s.

Symptoms: I’m starting to get pregnancy brain!

Symptoms I DON’T have: No swelling,stretch marks, heart burn

Food cravings: Fresh veggies!!!!

Food aversions: Hospital food

Gender: Two girl’s

Labor Signs: Shortening cervix, funneling (that’s the reason I’m in the hospital) I was experiencing menstrual cramps on Friday (7/5), I was put on the monitor and it instantly picked up contractions. My lower back was very sore, so they called in the OMT ( Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment) and within 15 mins of him working on my back the contractions and cramping went away.

Belly Button in or out? It’s stretched out to the max, but still in

What I miss: I really miss my dogs!! I miss the smell of summer in Maine, I miss waking up next to my husband, I miss being able to get out of bed for more then 5 minutes.

What I am looking forward to: Reaching our first goal of 24 weeks! I look forward to continue watching our girls grow.

Weekly Wisdom:

Milestones: Both babies weigh over a pound, Evelyn is measuring at 1 lb 10 oz and Lydia is at 1 lb 5 oz.

Weekly update

It’s a little late….

How far along? 22 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: 14 lbs ( as of last week) I have not weighed myself since being in the hospital.

Sleep: Tossing and turning a lot, my hips are already sore from laying in this hospital bed.

Best moment this week: i have two: My husband going above and beyond making sure I’m as comfortable as possible! Also, being allowed to find Evelyn’s heart beat with the monitor. The nurses have had a hard time getting the girls HB’s right away, the moment I put the monitor on, there she was.

Movement: oh yeah! These girls are very active!

Symptoms: i’ve got the waddle down, numerous bathroom visits, drinking lots of water

Symptoms I DON’T have: No swelling,stretch marks, heart burn

Food cravings: Watermelon and sweets

Food aversions: Hospital food

Gender: Two girl’s

Labor Signs: Shortening cervix, funneling (that’s the reason I’m in the hospital) I had more contractions on Wednesday 6/26

Belly Button in or out? It’s stretched out to the max, but still in

What I miss: My dogs and cat! My bed, sitting up, sleeping on my back, long warm showers.

What I am looking forward to: 23 weeks!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Always look for the positive in every situation.

Milestones: Babies are still cooking!

Cervix don’t fail me now

Just a quick update:

The twins and I were sent to the hospital Wednesday afternoon due to my cervix shortening even more.

I went into my cervical check with high hopes, I had been on strict bed rest at home and felt like I was doing everything right. The appointment started off with a quick check of the girl’s, they looked amazing, still very active. My older sister was with me, it was her first time seeing twins on an ultrasound screen. She loved watching her nieces wiggle around.

When it came time to the cervical check, I have to say my heart started beating a little quicker. The instant the tech put the wand in, I could instantly see a difference. The funneling appeared wider and I could clearly tell my cervix was shorter. My sister who had ultrasounds daily last year with her daughter, knew right away how much it shrank. After measuring my cervix the tech let me know I was now measuring at .8cm ( i was 1.8 last tuesday) I was shocked! I was lost for words, I instantly became worried about my two girls. The tech left us to review my results with the doctor. My sister was trying her best to distract me but my mind was spinning like crazy.

After about 10 mins of waiting the doctor along with the tech came into the room. The first thing the doctor said was “well, what we’re gong to do is send you to the hospital”. I don’t know what it was about him telling me that but I lost it. My emotions of the last week finally caught up to me. I was scared and sad that this was all happening to us. As I cried my sister tried her best to comfort me, and I’m so thankful I had her there with me. My husband was up north, three hours away and I knew contacting him would only make him worry so I decided to wait to tell him the news.

Within an hour of the appointment I was laying in a hospital bed, with a monitor hooked up and an IV going.

Since Wednesday things have been very quite, no more contractions or cramps and the girls are still looking wonderful.

Now we just wait, our first big goal is 24 weeks! Until then, I will continue to lay flat in my hospital bed and pray my cervix doesn’t shortened any more.